School Food vs Home Food

Bringing food from home is always the best option to me, but it may be a big time consumer to other people.There are three types of people when it comes to lunch time:

  1.  The people who enjoy school food so much.
  2.  People who rather starve then eat school food because they are too lazy to pack lunch.
  3.  People that cannot stand school food, so they find a way bring lunch every single day.

I was the type to starve because I hated school food and bringing food took to long in the mornings for me. To everyone that does buy school food, you realize that the lines in the cafeteria are very long and hectic, which is another reason I recently began bringing my own food, to avoid the chaos and I found that it has become very simple and helpful plus occasionally healthier. Below I will provide a few tips to help make packing lunch from home easy.

A few things are very useful when packing your own food depending on what you decide to make. For soup or noodles you will need a thermos so that you substance remains hot until lunch. Anything that has to remain cold, like salad or sandwiches should be kept in an insulated lunch box or have an icepack handy.Having a decent size lunchbox is always beneficial because it saves your lunch from being destroyed but, lunch can be carried in anything from a plastic bag to your hands. My favorite thing to pack for lunch is a sandwich,chips or cookies, and a drink.

imgresTurkey Grilled Cheese Sandwich


  • Your choice of bread( I prefer Martins slice bread or white bread)
  • Your choice of cheese (shredded or sliced)
  • Your choice of condiments (mayo, guacamole)
  • Chips/snack
  • Drink

That is my favorite lunch meal. I don’t know if it’s the melted cheese or the crunchy bread, either way this is a very simple and easy lunch choice. If making lunch becomes to do difficult or you can’t find time, buying lunch from fast food places or eating leftovers are both great options to have also.


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