Appetizing Appetizers

Todays post is a review of my favorite appetizers for any occasion from a baby shower to a sweet 16. Appetizers are an important thing to have at events because eventually your guests may get picky if the food is not ready so having appetizers can hold them over. For anyone unaware of an appetizer… an appetizer is a small dish that is eaten before a meal so that your appetite is stimulated. Continue reading for a few ideas of what appetizers are great for any occasion.

” Don’t take another mouthful before you have finished what is in your mouth”

Don’t be greedy and take your time to enjoy what you have when eating appetizers!


Number one on my list would have to be chicken wings. Whether it be Buffalo,Honey bbq,or plain fried wings…wings are simple and delicious. Chicken wings are always best when they are dipped in either blue cheese or ranch dressing.Chicken wings are best at occasions like small get togethers or super bowl parties. If chicken wings are also your favorite but you don’t have a party coming up, there are restaurants that sell great wings such as Buffalo Wild Wings,Famous Pizza in Bridgeport, and my favorite of all… Stew Lenoards.

imagesNext is the classic cheese and cracker platter. Cheese and cracker platters usually consist of cheese(duh) and some form of cracker(again duh). Some platters even have slices of pepperoni or cubed meat which i personally dislike. When eating from a cheese platter the salt from the cracker can make you addicted and want more because it happens to me all the time. My favorite ingredients on a cheese platters is ritz cracker with thin slices of cheddar cheese. In my opinion,platters like this one are a better fit for parties baby showers or small gatherings because of the fancy feeling the platter .

imagesLast is calamari. Before I begin… yes calamari is squid. Calamari is best when fried. If the right person makes it you wont even be able to tell that you are eating squid! When calamari is paired with sauces that are zesty or marinara it becomes one of the best appetizers. If having calamari at a party, warn your guests because they may be allergic to seafood… but trust me despite that fact that it is squid it tastes great.


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  1. kyaib says:

    Made me hungry, but i love it and your pictures.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. suhaylalife says:

    I’ve always wondered what exactly calamari was because I’ve never tasted it but I love the part about wings!!!!


  3. paranoid2001 says:

    This makes me hungry. 😦 But great post i love the pictures and descriptions.


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