National Sandwhich Day


So Tuesday, November 3 was National Sandwich Day. Did anyone go to subway and get a free sandwich… I did! Sandwiches are very fun to me because there are so many unique options for a sandwich, you never have to eat the same one. My father and I used to make sandwiches all the time, it was always my favorite thing to do. He would let me stand in the Stop and Shop deli line, and order anything I wanted for our sandwiches. He always thought it was funny that I always ordered black pepper turkey so he started ordering Sausalito Turkey.. p.s you should really try that. Well, this blog post is dedicated to National Sandwich Day and my favorite things to put on a sandwich.


A perfect sandwich begins with the perfect bread… When eating a sandwich you never want to have the wrong bread because bread is what holds everything together… right?

B0070P 0133

Next is the meats, unless your making a grilled cheese! Honestly, I haven’t explored many deli meats because I am in love with one… the Sausalito Turkey. But i know that Cracked pepper turkey,spicy buffalo chicken, and honey maple turkey are also great factors. When I order at the grocery store, I ask for it the meat shredded because it makes the sandwich taste fuller.


Now… Cheese. Cheese is also important to the perfect sandwich, melted or not its great. A lot of people are simple cheese eaters, American,Swiss or Cheddar… simple. But me, I prefer cheese that taste better melted. Rich cheeses like Provolone or Muenster are my go to.

My sandwiches usually have mayonnaise and potato chips on the side + some extra stuff, but I can’t really give advice on what to put on your sandwich because everyday is a new sandwich! But what I can say is that Plain Lays, BBQ Lays, or Ruffles are really great for sandwiches.


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