Take a new bite: Moe’s Burger Joint



This blog post is a restaurant review plus free promo. So recently I went to a local Bridgeport restaurant called Moe’s Burger Joint with Fatima. I have been there before with my grandmothers but it was Fatima’s first time. To begin the restaurant is like a small store front old school themed place. There is a long bar with stools across the front and booths along the wall. If you have every been to Johnny Rockets then you can imagine what Moe’s looks like. Moe’s has been in Bridgeport since 2010, and you can tell they take pride in keeping the small business alive. My favorite part of the restaurant is their beverages. Moe’s is well known for their root beer floats, hand-dipped milkshakes, and smoothies. When I went I ordered a sprite! But that was only because I didn’t bring a lot of money. Moe’s eventually began getting packed during rush hour but that just shows how good their food is, the food comes out fast,hot and delicious.4e5859_fab0a6635fb975a909a7bb02d469af1b.jpg



This is an image of the Moe’s bar side where you can place To GO orders.

There a variety of combos that you can order from veggie burgers to buffalo chicken wings! Me and Fatima ordered similar things a 1/4 lb cheesburger with fries and a fountain drink and we shared 5 chicken tenders, even though she ate one of mine😕 our total came up to only $23 that is a really good price for two full meals!

Above I have saved images of the Moes’ menu just in case you decide to give them a try! The prices are a bit higher now but still very inexpensive.




Finallt here is a picture of Fatima enjoying her Moe’s burger. As you can see we have different styles of eating fries… She dips and I pour all over!


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