Need dough?: Knead the dough!


Excuse the corny title, I’m trying to become more clever with titles and subtitles. Recently I recorded my grandfather while he made dumplings for my grandmother. He is the chef in my family and his speciality is creating delicious Jamaican meals. Jamaican dumplings are different than Chinese because dumplings from Jamaica are simply flour,water,and salt or if you’re my grandmother you replace the flour with cornmeal.Anyways I love watching my grandfather cook but not as much as I love eating the food he makes.  Below is a video of how to make his easy boiled dumplings. It has an acquiring texture but if you like Chinese dumplings it is fairly easy to enjoy these Jamaican ones. Even though I do prefer to have them fried, which is why they are the featured image.

Click this link… There is no audio and the lighting is awkward.

Here’s how to make it… the ingredients are simple and can be found in common households.


  • Flour or cornmeal
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Bowl


  1. Pour your choice of flour or cornmeal into a bowl
  2.  Portion your flour into how many dumplings you want to make
  3. Add a bit of water to the flour/cornmeal
  4. Knead mixture until flour and water are blended well
  5. Begin to roll golf  ball sized balls out of your dough into flat circles
  6. Not flat like a pancake
  7. Bring a pot of water to a steamy boil and begin placing dumplings inside

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    I really enjoyed reading your blog


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