What Kind of Ice-Cream Are You?

“Happiness is a double scoop of ice cream dribbling down your arm.”

Ever wondered what your personality tells you about your ice-cream preference? Take this short quiz to see your “soul treat” < that was bad. Oh yeah, the pictures are my answers to each of the questions!

What your favorite season:

A) Springimgres.jpg

B) Winter

C) Summer

D) Fall


What is your favorite ice cream topping:

                                                        A) Fresh fruit

B) Hot fudgeimages.png

C) Any topping! 

D) Caramel drizzle




Pick your favorite drink:

imgres-1.jpgA) Seltzer with a hint of lime

B) Root beer float

C) Thick Milkshake

D) Cappuccino 


How often do you crave something sweet:

images.jpgA) Once in a while, I prefer to be healthy

B) A few times a week

C) After every meal

D) Once a day

Pick a fruit:

images-1.jpgA) Strawberries

B) Grapes

C) Kiwi

D) Mango


If you can’t have ice-cream… what is your other go to dessert:

images-2.jpgA) Simple Jello

B) Chocolate cake

C) Cheesecake

D) Flan


What category do your favorite colors fall into?

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 6.10.53 PM.pngA) Jewel Tones

B) Neutrals

C) Neons 

D) Pastels




Mostly As: Classic Froyo

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 5.26.11 PM.png

If you answered Mostly As… you crave refreshing healthy eats. You probably enjoy the tangy taste that comes with a cool serving of traditional frozen yogurt. Even though frozen yogurt is simple, you can fancy it up with endless toppings. A variety of toppings like fruit, cereal,candy pieces, and different sweet sauces!

Mostly Bs: Soft Serve Ice-cream Swirl


Soft serve is usually known for people who are indecisive. When there are to many flavors and choices out there to choose from, you stick to the classic soft serve swirl… so you never have to choose! This sweet and creamy, chocolate and vanilla swirl never goes wrong.

Mostly Cs: Ice Cream Sundae


Ice cream sundaes are fun! So you must be an exciting person who love risks. A simple I once saw was “Life is good”, so just because you like to mix… EVERYTHING inside your ice cream doesn’t mean anything. Toppings from sprinkles,hot fudge, and a cherry on top make ice cream sundaes worth living for! Btw that picture is ice cream from friendly’s.

Mostly Ds: Hard Ice Cream 



Finally, if you answered mostly Ds you are a smooth and sophisticated hard ice cream. You probably enjoy relaxing with a good book and some ice cream!  Hard ice cream has rich flavors, and there are endless possibilities.Hard ice cream is my favorite type, especially the Talenti Caramel Cookie Crunch and Cookies and Cream.



5 Comments Add yours

  1. jordanmdavey says:

    It’s cool how you made it like a little quiz


  2. willow9455 says:

    out of the box thinking i see


  3. i am a one of a kind ice cream 😉


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