Coachella Eats: Exclusive Coachella Foods


For those of you who don’t know Coachella  is an annual lit indie music and arts festival for two weekends in April that takes place in California. This years performers included, Asap Rocky, Calvin Harris,Sia, Ice Cube, Dj Mustard, and way more! Many celebrities like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez go just hang out, enjoy music and of course… eat food. Why settle for lumpish fen-sucked harpy McDonald’s… when you could enjoy Coachella food? In this post you will find a few of the good-looking foods that are mainly exclusive to Coachella. Warning: This food looks pretty delicious to me, if it doesn’t to you then… I apologize for the false advertising.




IMG_30841. This is an image of vegan nachos sold at Coachella. They are vegan chips topped with fresh guac, tomatoes,cole slaw, jalapeno, olives, corn, and vegan cheese.

IMG_30882. Next, have you ever had mexican fair corn? I have had it once and I’m telling you it is pretty good.The corn on the cob includes a mixture of  melted butter and sprinkled with chili powder, cotija cheese and lime juice, also they spread mayonnaise over it, but trust me it taste great.

IMG_30833. This is honestly my favorite item. Just take a moment to take in the beauty of this chicken and waffle sandwich drizzled in syrup. I bet it taste better than it looks! Being at Coachella overnight, imagine being able to eat this for breakfast.

IMG_30874. These burgers from In-N-Out Burger. If you ever go to Coachella, go with at least a group of friends who share your interest in music & food, I’m pretty it will make the experience greater.

5. Finally we have the classic Milky Bun. I recently started seeing Milky Buns and they honestly look weird but seem like that taste great. A Milky Bun is thick glazed bun (sort of like a glazed donut), stuffed with ice-cream and the toppings of your choice. The common Milky Bun is called “Cookie Monster” it includes blue ice-cream and Oreo cookies, like the one above.^





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