Final Fiesta:Tacos and More Tacos

Summer Vacation is approaching which means this blog is coming to an end. It was fun while it lasted but writing about food every week does become tedious and difficult. For my final blog post it will be about TACOS. Only a few people know how much I love tacos! I prefer authentic Mexican tacos but my mom’s are great too. Tacos are Tacos whether Americanized or Mexican, I accept all but never Taco Bell because I have only had bad experiences with them. Before I begin the real taco blog, I thought starting with vocabulary would make this more interesting!

images.jpgThis post is not to talk bad about American tacos or food chains just bringing awareness!

  • Taco: Mexican folded tortilla containing various mixtures
  • Quesadilla: A taco with cheese
  • Burrito: A rolled up taco usually filled with beans or shredded beef
  • Chimichanga: A big deep-fried taco
  • EnchiladaA rolled up taco smothered in spicy sauce

Many people confuse “authentic” tacos and the American taco.Places like Chipotle and Taco Bell are not authentic and don’t have relation to Mexico in my opinion. The list of differences between American tacos and Mexican tacos could go on for a very long time, but here are few examples to help ease the confusion.


  1. Very simple: if you walk into a restaurant expecting tacos, but the people are speaking perfect english or they put cheese on your taco… chances are you’ve walked into chipotle.
  2. Next is the toppings: An American taco typically has meat,cheese,lettuce,tomatoes, and sometimes guacamole. But a Mexican taco has lots of lime, cilantro,loads of grilled meat,pepper and fresh salsa. Different places offer different toppings.
  3. The Shell itself: Mexican tacos have a soft shell. The shells are made of corn, so they are freshly pressed corn tortillas but the stale tasting ones from the grocery store. This differs from the hard and soft flour tacos made here.
  4. Price: The price for one chipotle taco is $6.25, and a taco at other places cost anywhere from $2-$5. Tacos in Mexico cost 5-15 pesos or around 50 for a basket of them. 15 pesos = about 80 cents89250071_8d7ab2e167_z.jpg





To conclude this final post here is a recipe for a shrimp soft burrito that I found on It looks pretty good so give it a try.

Don’t trust anybody that doesn’t like tacos!


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