About Me

Soooo… this an about me page and I guess I’ll tell you 20 facts worth of things about me.

To start my name is Jahnice… and the reason i created this blog was to express different foods that easy and delicious to make. Also I really like food and I think there are so many great foods that should be tried so hopefully I achieve my goal of being able to show these different foods.Okay… So this will be a very random about me page but I’ll just list the facts.

  1. When I am asked what I want for dinner I usually(almost all the time) choose Seafood Alfredo.
  2. I gave up eating pork 2 years and I kind of miss pork chops but other than that I am very proud of myself.
  3. When I was a kid I ate 2 bowls of pasta and butter for snack
  4. I eat a lot of duck bread only on Thanksgiving and Christmas
  5. Duck bread is not made of duck btw, it’s a giant loaf of Jamaican hard dough bread!
  6. I started school at 2 years old
  7. My favorite color is grey, but I love grey, pastel pink, and black.
  8. I currently take Arabic
  9. I am actually a very shy person
  10. I bake things better my first than my second time
  11. I burn cookies all the time
  12. I have a lazy personality but I get things done
  13. I burned myself making pancakes like a thousand times
  14. I have no idea what I want to grow up and be
  15. I know how to say something in at least 5 languages
  16. My instagram is @jah.tg so follow me!
  17. Im running out of things to say so yeah…
  18. Umm I have a dog named DeeOhGee
  19. I only have like 3 real friends
  20. Finally I can eat a whole bag of chocolate chips all by myself